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1. Noun

2. Adjective

3. Verb

4. Pronoun

5. Preposition







1. Collectives are always singular.

What is the news? What are news?

How much money is there in Alexeis account? How many money are on account of Alexey?


2. There is no difference between the and zero article.

Are the police well-paid? Is police well-paid? Police is well-paid?

Do you know the woman who is standing there? Do you know woman standing there? You know woman standing there?




1. Comparative and superlative forms oa adjectives vary.

easy easier the easiest easy more easy most easy, or easy more easier most easier/easiest




1. The Present Perfect Simple and Past Perfect Simple are replaced by the Present Simple.

Have you been to the UK? Were you in UK? You were in UK?

My family have gone to the USA. My family is in USA.


2. The Present Perfect Continuous and Past Perfect Continuous are replaced by the Past Continuous.

It has been raining since the morning. It was raining since morning.

When I came my Mum had been cooking the dinner. When I came my mother was cooking supper.


3. To have something done is replaced by to do.

Have you had your hair cut? Did you cut your hair? You cut your hair?


4. The Future Simple is used in a conditional clause.

If it rains, I wont be able to come home earlier. If it will rain, I wont can go home more earlier.


5. Other peculiarities.

Do you agree? Are you agree? You are agree?

What do you suggest doing? What do you suggest to do? What you suggest to do?

I dont know where she works. I dont know where does she work.

Let me do it for you. Let me to do it for you.




1. Possessive pronouns.

It is mine. It is my.

Hes a friend of mine. Hes my friend.


2. Interrogative pronouns.

What is it called? How is it called? How it is called?

What does she look like? How does she look? How does she look alike? How she looks? How she looks alike?




He is very kind to Katya. He is very kind with Katya.

What do you think of him? What do you think about him? What you think about him?

I was waiting you two hours. Ive been waiting for you for two hours.

He congratulated me on my birthday. He congratulated me with my birthday.

To you. (toast) For you. (toast)

Could you listen to me, please? Listen me, please.

I was speaking over the phone to Mikhail. I was speaking on the phone with Mihail.

I didnt use to like studying at school in my childhood. I didnt like to study in school in my childhood.

It is typical of him. It is typical for him.

From 10 am to 5 pm. Since 10 am until 5 pm.





Runglish Grammar

Russian English Grammar




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